Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let the Production Begin!

That's my daughter on the end in the black - out of costume!

The past few months have seen our life here consumed with dance. My eldest daughter is involved in the annual rock eisteddfod for high schools throughout NSW, this year known as talent storm.

The very talented and ambitious teachers put together an amazing production. Notes, planning, positioning and more notes help to pull it together. It's not all sequins and braids!!

These performances are a 'dance off' between all the schools with awards going to the top 3 performances. It is a highly sought after recognition of dance/performance/staging and last year our school came in at 2nd.

Unfortunately funding was dropped by the federal government this year but in its place we have talent storm.

These photos were taken at rehearsal. The production is massive! and commitment from both child and parents is huge. The kids have been practising as part of their sport since the start of the year, with June, July and August seeing the weekends slowly swallowed by practice, practice, practice. Now on the cusp of the performance every Sunday is taken up by rehearsal for the students and parents helping out with costumes and stage sets.

The talented Ms Dyson watching over the rehearsal

When you are not a good sewer (flat out sewing a button on a shirt!) you get to glue, paint, tie and iron whatever is thrown your way.
The racks of costumes that all needed ironing

I tied the elastic on all of these masks!!

I have to say that I have enjoyed being involved in this production and when dress rehearsal was on it was a great opportunity to take my camera and shoot away.

Low light, hand held and lots of movement make for a challenging shoot for me, but I am pretty pleased with the results.

Storming the stage with talent and doing us proud!