Monday, December 27, 2010

Tis the Season.....

Wishing everyone a little Joy this time of year. Merry Christmas

Monday, December 6, 2010


I was sitting in Bella's room watching her play, with camera ready. She asked me if I was taking photos of her, which I replied I was not....'Just taking photos of your toys Belle'. We chatted and laughed and I got this great shot of her

I was looking at the beautiful Carla Coulson's blog in particular her French Essence Portraits..this inspired me to take a few of my own and then add some older ones as well
We were getting ready to go to a wedding. My husband was looking out the window waiting for me as I was checking my camera when I got this shot.

A week or so ago I was confined to the walls of my house with sick children (yes, my turn came too!). At the end of that very long week I took Beth out to get a few shots. It was late afternoon and the sun was that flattering warm shade the makes your skin glow when I got this shot.

This shot is from the weekend just passed. My beautiful sister-in-law and my brand new nephew. I love how comfortable they look in each others arms. Such a precious moment of a new mother with her child.

We recently celebrated Shell's 40th Birthday. This is Shell with her husband, such wonderful friends and a stunning couple! It pays to have a camera in your hand all the time ;)

This is the flag race (they are really only plastic sticks) at Nippers. That is our Beth centre stage..

OK, this is from quite a while ago and really is not a portrait of anyone, rather of a very special place VENICE...
the buildings, the people, the ambiance ...sigh

Monday, November 22, 2010

After a long hiatus, I am back!!! My computer has not been very obliging and if it says no one more time, it's gone. I have not been able to view my photos or add/edit ANYTHING on this lemon. It has been a problem child from the beginning.

Anyway we recently went to the beautiful South Coast of NSW to visit my Grandmother and great Uncle. Whilst we were there we got out and about to visit some stunning locations.

This is the gorgeous Kangaroo Valley. It was a rainy, hazy day when we visited, which is perfect for scones, jam & cream. This is inland and has beautiful country properties everywhere you look. You can see from the lush green grass that the drought has well and truly broken.
The very inviting and gorgeous cafe Bella at Kangaroo Valley
Just one of the many stunning beaches we visited

The working harbour of Ulladulla
I just love old boats and the way they weather. The rust, the barnacles and the beautiful thick, textured rope on them.Mum and Dad introduced me to this bush/coastal walk at Milton, and it is not to be missed! This walk details the life of the Aborigines in the area and how they were affected when white man came to Australia.

The Aboriginal community have used the local Aboriginal reserves to put this story together. There are a series of stunning carvings, poignant words and a truly magical walk. We don't do enough to learn about our Aboriginal heritage here in Australia. I would love to see Schools using this walk as a learning tool.

Unfortunately this area is a magnet for vandals and some of the carvings have been lost to fires that have been purposely lit! But here is some of what you can see.

The entrance to the bush walk, a gorgeous carving that incorporates the land and sea.
My Father and eldest daughter setting out on the walk

Everything created is around us, but you teach your children behind closed doors and thank your creator behind walls?

Some of the carvings

Had to include this shot!

If ever you get the chance to visit the South Coast, look up this walk at Milton. It really is special.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Winter That Was...

Playing on the sand dunes with Dad and
scooting on the beach front with Winston the Wombat
With Spring well and truly in the air I am happy to declare Winter is over!!! Although we can't really complain about Winter down under, it is nice to get some warmth in the air again.

What a find! Sommersby Falls

As you can see my Winter still revolves around the beach. Little girls swimming in the ocean in July (Brrrr), scooting on the beach front, discovering some local water falls, lots of coffee, park and play time.
Unfortunately we have also had some nasty computer viruses, that have kept me away from blog land! (look out for a particularly persistant virus call my web search).
We also had a sleep over/bake off!! My eldest daughter and 4 of her friends participate in the RSPCA cup cake fund raiser. It was our year to host the event. This involves a (mandatory) sleepover and the girls (and mother) making heaps of cupcakes, decorating and selling them! The girls managed to pull in $300 odd dollars.
Did I mention the dancing?? Yes, there was a little bit of dancing and we even managed to squeeze in a child free night at the spectacular Shoal Bay.

Shoal Bay on a perfect Winters Day!
Harley's at the Bay

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let the Production Begin!

That's my daughter on the end in the black - out of costume!

The past few months have seen our life here consumed with dance. My eldest daughter is involved in the annual rock eisteddfod for high schools throughout NSW, this year known as talent storm.

The very talented and ambitious teachers put together an amazing production. Notes, planning, positioning and more notes help to pull it together. It's not all sequins and braids!!

These performances are a 'dance off' between all the schools with awards going to the top 3 performances. It is a highly sought after recognition of dance/performance/staging and last year our school came in at 2nd.

Unfortunately funding was dropped by the federal government this year but in its place we have talent storm.

These photos were taken at rehearsal. The production is massive! and commitment from both child and parents is huge. The kids have been practising as part of their sport since the start of the year, with June, July and August seeing the weekends slowly swallowed by practice, practice, practice. Now on the cusp of the performance every Sunday is taken up by rehearsal for the students and parents helping out with costumes and stage sets.

The talented Ms Dyson watching over the rehearsal

When you are not a good sewer (flat out sewing a button on a shirt!) you get to glue, paint, tie and iron whatever is thrown your way.
The racks of costumes that all needed ironing

I tied the elastic on all of these masks!!

I have to say that I have enjoyed being involved in this production and when dress rehearsal was on it was a great opportunity to take my camera and shoot away.

Low light, hand held and lots of movement make for a challenging shoot for me, but I am pretty pleased with the results.

Storming the stage with talent and doing us proud!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Aussie take on all things Scottish

I have been trying to write this post for a week!! It is light and fluffy, so you would think I could manage it. My little girls have different ideas about how I should be spending my time....

My wee bonnie lassies sizing up the clowns
and the prizes to be won

A recent visit to my Husbands 93 year old grandmother at the beautiful country town of Wingham a few months ago saw us having a look at the annual Scottish festival that is held here.

The town itself is beautiful and the festival was a bit of fun. Some traditional pole throwing (??), I am sure there is a more Scottish term for the event, bagpipes and good old fashioned tug-o-war. Kilts a plenty but no haggis for us thanks!!

A band practising before they take centre stage

My parents have started to research Mums side of the family tree and what do you know the family originated from Scotland! A very difficult search on smiths that were also known as Jones!! They seem to be light on details like dates and correct names and there are a few skeletons getting a shake up in that wardrobe.

I love this very Australian looking pub.
Complete with Ute (at very front of picture) and gum leaves framing the shot

Medieval fun lurking in this tent

A Scottish landscape? Perhaps not

A very proud Grandpa trotted bonnie Bella through the festival.
The jacket and beret were worn by her Auntie 30 odd years ago!
Grandma has lovingly looked after this beautiful outfit

We asked both our girls if they wanted
to wear the jacket and beret. 
Our very determined and very individual Beth said no-way,
Our ever obliging Bella was happy
to don the outfit for her Grandma & Grandpa.
I think she wears it well

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Winter Sunsets at Harrington

'If you had your time over again
Would you do it all the same?
Down through all the twists and bends
Are there moments you'd erase?'

'And if your course could be reset
Would you steer your ship my way?
Or would you sail the widest stretch
Just to feel the force of the waves?
If you had your time over again
Would you sail the widest stretch?
If you had your time over again.........

Contemplation provided by Powderfinger, sail the widest stretch