Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Winter That Was...

Playing on the sand dunes with Dad and
scooting on the beach front with Winston the Wombat
With Spring well and truly in the air I am happy to declare Winter is over!!! Although we can't really complain about Winter down under, it is nice to get some warmth in the air again.

What a find! Sommersby Falls

As you can see my Winter still revolves around the beach. Little girls swimming in the ocean in July (Brrrr), scooting on the beach front, discovering some local water falls, lots of coffee, park and play time.
Unfortunately we have also had some nasty computer viruses, that have kept me away from blog land! (look out for a particularly persistant virus call my web search).
We also had a sleep over/bake off!! My eldest daughter and 4 of her friends participate in the RSPCA cup cake fund raiser. It was our year to host the event. This involves a (mandatory) sleepover and the girls (and mother) making heaps of cupcakes, decorating and selling them! The girls managed to pull in $300 odd dollars.
Did I mention the dancing?? Yes, there was a little bit of dancing and we even managed to squeeze in a child free night at the spectacular Shoal Bay.

Shoal Bay on a perfect Winters Day!
Harley's at the Bay


  1. Lise...I can feel the change of weather in your photos and how happy you all must be. That top photo is wonderful. So glad you stopped by!
    Thanks for your comments and Happy Spring!!

    Jeanne xx

  2. Hi Lise
    Winston's nearly as cute as your girls!!!

    That Shoal Bay shot is lovely... so beautiful... makes me want to get away!! I've heard of Sommersby Falls but can't remember where...

    Have a lovely week.. I wish spring would come to stay.. still a little day on and day off.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. HI Lise, lucky you that winter is almost over. Just about to begin here. Love the pics, the jumper is amazing! Carla

  4. Jeanne - Yes, our shy little retiring Beth can certainly put on a performance.
    Julie - Thanks, yes Shoal Bay is divine. Sommersby Falls is on the central coast. Hope you have a great week and this weather over the weekend has been superb!
    Carla - hope the winter is not too harsh! My dancing girl at home, I was mucking around with shutter speeds and quite liked the end result!

  5. Lise, this is just adorable. Love the pics!
    Sending love...

  6. HI Lise
    Just popped back to say thanks for your comments... Really have the travel urge right now... Have a lovely week xxx Julie