Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The seasons they are changing

An Autumn sky littered with leaves

As I get older I appreciate the turn of seasons a whole lot more. I have always been a summer lover, but that is changing and Autumn holds a special place in my heart.

Maybe it is because my trip of a life time happened in that season, maybe it is because that is the season I married my great love, maybe it is the colours and the temperature....The change of hot, hot weather to cooler, comfortable weather. It allows me to breathe, to run, to change.........
Just 10 or so minutes from the beach you will find beautiful properties at Matcham. I love the wooden fences and the way the trees drape over them

Anyway I am enjoying the show mother nature is putting on for us at the moment..Her colour palette so rich and ever changing, the colours are not what you could dream. She is a grand artist and I am her humble follower....I hope you enjoy her grandeur as much as I do.

I love the look of this property, nestled in the ever changing trees

There was so much colour in this photo that I decided to simplify it and take the colour out. What appeals to me is the wood pile under the tree, next to a rickety fence. The fence is actually pink, the tree all gold and red, a bright blue tarp to the right of the picture and the grass a vivid green.

Now this little beauty goes against the gold and red leaves of Autumn, but she is just so beautiful. Camellia's are in bloom in my garden and are the most perfectly formed flowers. I love the dark green glossy leaves against the pale pink of the flower. She gets it so right!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Keep running, running and running, running

A clear blue sky....no excuses!!!

I am now on the downhill slide to my 12km fun run and am terribly unprepared!! My world has been one big juggle and the ball that always gets dropped is training time. That said I am determined to do this run and I will....Anyway I thought I might share a few of my training sights and my training buddies that keep me going (You have to sing to this one - let me hear you....loud and proud)
The lake that divides...This one splits Avoca into two distinct areas Avoca & North Avoca.

As I start my run Michael and I are getting 'Elegantly Wasted' with the rest of INXS. Such a good track to find your rhythm to. We run, we hide, we want the good life...I want the good life too Michael!

JT kicks me into gear by telling me he's bringing sexy back.I reply Yeeaahh them other boys don't know how to act..take it to the chorus JT. I will be getting my sexy out after the run, thanks anyway..

Meredith Brooks makes me smile as 'Bitch' belts out of my ipod, I hate the world today!!!!
I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one - I'm with you Meredith, cause I'm nothing in between either.
Take me as I am, this may mean you'll need to be a stronger man....I am singing out loud to this one. Go the girls!!

Tone Loc keeps me going with wild thing. Love the start 'Lets do it' - I'm with you Tone....I'm doing it. 80's tragic I know.

The Cat Empire makes me want to salsa to 'fishies', dance, dance, dance oh no...it should be run, run, run. It gives me my second wind...Welcome fishies to my hook.
The shoes that will take me there

The Cruel Sea's 'Honeymoon is over' gives me strength and power....I won't let you cook for me baby its never gonna get that far....
hey it ain't no fun no more, I don't know what to say the honeymoon is over baby it's never gonna be the same again. Yeah!!!

George Michael sings 'I won't let you down, I will not give you up' on Freedom 90 - Me neither Michael, stay with me.
Princes 'Raspberry Beret' - the kind you find in a second hand store kicks me along. I want one of those too and if it was warm I might not wear much more either!! (need to click up a few more k's for that though).

Robbie Williams and I have 'come undone' - Robbie tells me 'if I keep lying then I'd just disappoint you' - I don't think so Robbie, keep singing for me baby...

Santana and Rob Thomas give me some Latin groove in 'smooth' - give me your heart, make it real or just forget about it. Another track I want to dance to but push on through and keep running.

All roads lead to ...the beach

Just a few of my friends that help me through my run..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things..

My gorgeous Annaliese is such a beautiful soul. Her smile is as warm as she is. She is also my most obliging model

OK, I will warn you that this post is dedicated to my gorgeous girls. Girls who are full of life and have the wonder of the world in front of them.

So here goes my brag post....hope you enjoy

Beth in a rock star moment...statement sunnies and lots of attitude

Can you hear her laughing?

Trying for a smile and not succeeding! A grainy/textured layer for this shot. What do you think? I'm not sure about this...

So you think you can dance? Getting ready for the stage.

Love Bethy's freckles and cheeky smile
A pensive moment for our Belle. A gentle little girl with an incredible imagination. She is the first to share her toys, food..anything.

Love the light from the candles for this shot.

My attempt at a high key photo

Inspiration - Jennifer Hawkins, Myer catalogue. Trying to replicate the pose.

The ever questioning, never accepting and always loving Beth. She has such a questioning little mind. Whilst a little taxing from a 4 year old, I hope it is something she never loses