Thursday, May 6, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things..

My gorgeous Annaliese is such a beautiful soul. Her smile is as warm as she is. She is also my most obliging model

OK, I will warn you that this post is dedicated to my gorgeous girls. Girls who are full of life and have the wonder of the world in front of them.

So here goes my brag post....hope you enjoy

Beth in a rock star moment...statement sunnies and lots of attitude

Can you hear her laughing?

Trying for a smile and not succeeding! A grainy/textured layer for this shot. What do you think? I'm not sure about this...

So you think you can dance? Getting ready for the stage.

Love Bethy's freckles and cheeky smile
A pensive moment for our Belle. A gentle little girl with an incredible imagination. She is the first to share her toys, food..anything.

Love the light from the candles for this shot.

My attempt at a high key photo

Inspiration - Jennifer Hawkins, Myer catalogue. Trying to replicate the pose.

The ever questioning, never accepting and always loving Beth. She has such a questioning little mind. Whilst a little taxing from a 4 year old, I hope it is something she never loses


  1. HI LIse, lovely photos. You must love having hands on models always ready. I too love photographing children. I love your grainy black and white effect and that last little poppet. All of them are gorgeous. carla

  2. The grainy shot is magic. Keep doing it!

    Great gals. Plenty of inspritation in those pretty faces.

  3. Hi Lise
    Love these photos of your girls... they're such sweeties.. really love the black & white also!!

    Thanks you so much for the birthday wishes... so lovely to have ppl just drop in..!! I just read your profile and had a laugh.. as I am an IT Analyst who work mostly in projects!! also in Sydney... small world... Have a great evening.. and thanks again.. xx Julie