Monday, April 26, 2010

We will remember them.....

As dawn breaks throughout Australia and New Zealand, services are held all over the Countries to commemorate and remember the diggers that have fought and lost their lives in war.

The ANZAC's as they were known fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War 1. ANZAC day marks the anniversary (25th April) of the first major military action fought by these forces. Now ANZAC day more broadly commemorates the lives of those who died and served in the armed forces for their countries.

It was a dawn landing for the troops on that day in 1915 and the Gallopili campaign saw 21,255 casualties from the UK, an estimated 10,00 from France, 8,709 from Australia, 2,721 from New Zealand and 1,358 from British India.

So it is at dawn that the sombre services are held, the last post is played, wreaths are layed at war memorials.....Lest we forget those who have given their lives in war..

Wreaths and photos laid at the war memorial at Terrigal

It was a wet morning for the services this year. Terrigal did not disappoint....So good to see so many people turning up for the service even in this wet weather. This picture doesn't really capture it! This was after the service and the crowd quickly headed in the direction of shelter. All the cafes were doing a roaring trade for 5.30am!

The Haven, Terrigal at Dawn

My grandfathers were POW in World War 2. They were held at Changi and survived...I will remember them x


  1. Beautiful lighting. Well done the whole blog is beautiful....

    LOL Nay

  2. so moving Anzac day. I went to the north of france last year to celebrate the service and it was so moving and cold. It made you realise what difficult circumstances they fought in. Carla x

  3. Thanks Renee, these were taken on the run..I always worry about intruding or being disrespectful at times like this so only started taking photo's after the service. I love taking photo's of the haven and have to agree the light was great!
    What a nice suprise to see a comment from you Carla. Thanks for taking the time to look! Whenever I see pictures of Gallopili, with that small stretch of beach..I just couldn't imagine the thoughts running through the ANZAC's head. I could only imagine what a service would be like at France or Gallopili