Monday, December 14, 2009

We All Have Wings......

The beautiful Miss Chelsea, flexing her wings across the stage

I love the INXS song Never tear us apart - there is a line in that song that I have always related to;

'Cause we all have wings, but some of us don't know why'

For a long time I didn't know what my wings looked like, but I am happy to say that I have found them and they are stretched often.

Finding my wings at Lago Di Garda
For me finding my wings only came about when I started making conscious decisions to change my current situation and to create my own happiness. I focused on making positive changes in my life and I have to say I was flooded with rebounding positive energy!

As my changes started to unfold my personal and professional life grew beyond expectation. These changes were coming to me, I was not consciously seeking them out. I absolutely believe if you make positive changes in your life, if they are coming from your heart and you are being true to yourself, then positive activity will find you like a magnet.

My beautiful Annaliese about to fly.... I love these kind of wings..tutu's and ballet shoes

As a parent you would like to share some of your worldly knowledge with your children. I would hate to think that the lessons I have learned throughout life will not be, at the very least, shared with my children. They have to experience life (with all it's ups and downs) for themselves, but you would like to think that part of your ride could be shared and you could have some valuable advice that will help steer them through this world.

My littlest girls are yet to find their wings
I want my children to find their wings early in life, that may or may not happen but I am going to try and help them with that. Their wings may not be what I would choose, and as parents we have to be careful not to impose our own wants, needs or unfulfilled desires onto our children. Their journey may not fit my bill, but it is theirs and we should recognise what it is that makes them fly.........

Twirling, dancing, running.....

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Island Home - Part 2, The Beaches

The divine Avoca Beach

A Haven - The Haven, Terrigal
I am lucky enough to live in the heartland of some of Australia's most beautiful beaches. I have always believed that a swim in the ocean is good for your soul. It can wash away all of your troubles and make you feel good again. The ocean brings out the child in you - diving through the waves and body surfing into shore. All is good and you are at one with the world when you are in the ocean.

Oh Mr Sandman, send me a dream.......
We love to make a sandman on the beach (our equivalent to a snowman)
Our Local - North Avoca Beach. I love watching the water crash against the rocks. A perfect place to look for crabs and explore the marine life in the rock pools..

On the Northern Beaches of Sydney lies the beautiful Bilgola Beach - This is where my husband grew up. This photo was taken the day of our wedding. We were married at the lookout here. Not bad?

A reflective moment at Surfer's Paradise

The ocean has negative ions that create a positive impact on your mind, body and spirit. When you hear people say things like 'I am going to the ocean to recuperate' or 'The sea air makes me feel better' - it is absolutely true.

Once again, Avoca Beach never disappoints. We love the rock pool here, perfect for kids.

Moving water, moving air and sunlight all cause air molecules to break apart, releasing charged atoms, or ions, into the atmosphere. Some scientists claim that there is an abundance of negatively charged ions in sea air and that they could have health benefits which range from better circulation to improved moods. Negative ions are thought to alleviate depression because of their effect on serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain believed to play an important role in regulating mood. (

The Haven on a sparkling day If you are feeling down, tired or just not 100%, try a swim in the ocean.

Look at that energy! North Avoca This is still being debated in the scientific world, but I am a about you? Finishing my post to go for a dip in the ocean : )

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Friendship in all shapes and sizes - here my husband and his best mate with their respective children on their shoulders
My Father buried one of his oldest and dearest friends this week. This death has made me think alot about our lives, the cycle of life and everything in between. The subject of friendship has been on my mind a lot of late and with the passing of a dear family friend this post is timely.

Here is my dearest friends daughter with my eldest daughter

My husbands best mates daughter with our twin girls

A gaggle of girls that have formed friendships through dance - having fun on a flying fox

Enjoying the Melbourne Cup with some twin friends - All three of us have twins!
We should not underestimate the power of friendship. I believe that some friends come in and out of our lives at different times and for different reasons. Some friendships are not meant to be with us forever and some we have to learn to let go of. There are many that will endure and there are many that we will learn from. I believe that your life will be richer for having (& keeping) friends in them.

It's a twin thing - lucky girls to have each other!
I have often viewed friendships as having an expiry date and/or have been hesitant to enter into them. Upon alot of reflection, in part, that has been due to my constant moving throughout my life, but a bigger part was due to a long term relationship I was in where friendships were not encouraged. I believe subconsciously I let most friendships go or did not invest too much as I was not around long enough to sustain them or did not have the right people in my life who wanted me to have friendships.
Well what is the saying older and wiser! I have lived a little and gone through a bit and am more consciously aware of the power of wonderful friendships. I am also more aware that with any relationship, be it work, friends, husband, children, parents, sisters etc that you will only get out what you are willing to invest. They all require different levels of 'investment' but you have to make time for these relationships.
One of my dear friends that I spend a lot of time with - here is her son with my girls
There is nothing like sharing a coffee and a chat whilst your kids are playing. Some one close by who you can call on to cry, laugh and share your life experiences with!

My bestie, Lyndall - she has supported me and helped through many tough life experiences!
I believe that life is a lesson and this is (another) lesson that I need to teach my girls. Value your friends, invest in your friends and don't let the good ones go!
My wonderful Father
Good bye for now Uncle Bill, we will see you again soon (but not too soon I hope) xx