Monday, November 22, 2010

After a long hiatus, I am back!!! My computer has not been very obliging and if it says no one more time, it's gone. I have not been able to view my photos or add/edit ANYTHING on this lemon. It has been a problem child from the beginning.

Anyway we recently went to the beautiful South Coast of NSW to visit my Grandmother and great Uncle. Whilst we were there we got out and about to visit some stunning locations.

This is the gorgeous Kangaroo Valley. It was a rainy, hazy day when we visited, which is perfect for scones, jam & cream. This is inland and has beautiful country properties everywhere you look. You can see from the lush green grass that the drought has well and truly broken.
The very inviting and gorgeous cafe Bella at Kangaroo Valley
Just one of the many stunning beaches we visited

The working harbour of Ulladulla
I just love old boats and the way they weather. The rust, the barnacles and the beautiful thick, textured rope on them.Mum and Dad introduced me to this bush/coastal walk at Milton, and it is not to be missed! This walk details the life of the Aborigines in the area and how they were affected when white man came to Australia.

The Aboriginal community have used the local Aboriginal reserves to put this story together. There are a series of stunning carvings, poignant words and a truly magical walk. We don't do enough to learn about our Aboriginal heritage here in Australia. I would love to see Schools using this walk as a learning tool.

Unfortunately this area is a magnet for vandals and some of the carvings have been lost to fires that have been purposely lit! But here is some of what you can see.

The entrance to the bush walk, a gorgeous carving that incorporates the land and sea.
My Father and eldest daughter setting out on the walk

Everything created is around us, but you teach your children behind closed doors and thank your creator behind walls?

Some of the carvings

Had to include this shot!

If ever you get the chance to visit the South Coast, look up this walk at Milton. It really is special.