Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The seasons they are changing

An Autumn sky littered with leaves

As I get older I appreciate the turn of seasons a whole lot more. I have always been a summer lover, but that is changing and Autumn holds a special place in my heart.

Maybe it is because my trip of a life time happened in that season, maybe it is because that is the season I married my great love, maybe it is the colours and the temperature....The change of hot, hot weather to cooler, comfortable weather. It allows me to breathe, to run, to change.........
Just 10 or so minutes from the beach you will find beautiful properties at Matcham. I love the wooden fences and the way the trees drape over them

Anyway I am enjoying the show mother nature is putting on for us at the moment..Her colour palette so rich and ever changing, the colours are not what you could dream. She is a grand artist and I am her humble follower....I hope you enjoy her grandeur as much as I do.

I love the look of this property, nestled in the ever changing trees

There was so much colour in this photo that I decided to simplify it and take the colour out. What appeals to me is the wood pile under the tree, next to a rickety fence. The fence is actually pink, the tree all gold and red, a bright blue tarp to the right of the picture and the grass a vivid green.

Now this little beauty goes against the gold and red leaves of Autumn, but she is just so beautiful. Camellia's are in bloom in my garden and are the most perfectly formed flowers. I love the dark green glossy leaves against the pale pink of the flower. She gets it so right!


  1. Haven't seen you in a while. Love the photos, Lise. Hope you and family are doing well and are happy. Your pics made me happy today. xx's Marsha

  2. Hi Lise
    You know autumn in Sydney is just a little bleak.. at least down my way... we don't see to get all those wonderful colours!! Beautiful photos and love the camelia such a lovely pink tone!!

    I forgot to put you on my blog roll early.. going on now!.. Have you been affected by the storm? or is it still heading your way??? not as bad as they said it would be.. at least not yet.. Have a lovely day.. xxx Julie

  3. Hi Marsha, thanks for your comments. It has been so busy in my world!! Family are well, I have just had a week off so have been taking pics and catching up on blogs amongst other things!

    Hi Julie, the wind is just starting to pick up but no it is not what they said it was going to be. We do get to see lots of colour up here at this time I really love it!

    Thanks for your comments xx

  4. Hi Lise - Great photos, great location. Lucky you! It's always nice to swing past your site - you doing great things with your photography... and running. (Thanks for leaving your comment. Yep, I gotta keep these parties simple and go back-to-basics.) Deb xx

  5. Stunning photos Lise...I love the black and white too!!
    Keep shooting :)


  6. Wow, love the photos of autumn. Isn't it weird how we have to grow up to appreciate the seasons. Carla x