Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lunch Anyone?

There is nothing I love more than a long lunch. It is such a luxury and pleasure and at the moment a very difficult thing to achieve with a couple of 4 year olds and a tweenager!!

Little fish winery at Port Macquarie is a perfect setting and allows all of us to enjoy a long lunch. There are great climbing trees for the littlest girls and it even brings out the little girl in my tween. The summer wine is too easy to drink and there are often kangaroos roaming through the vines.

If ever you are in this neck of the woods make sure you drop in for a visit. We always book the gazebo outside, but there is also beautiful dining on the deck of the cafe.

Picture perfect in every way! My Mother & Father in law introduced us to this beautiful winery and now we always make sure a visit to Little Fish is fitted in when we stay with them.

Beautiful food, great company and good wine....sorry, not a crumb left.


  1. Looks like a great spot Lise and I love your photos!


  2. Hi Lise, it looks beautiful. So much space. Carla

  3. Hi Lise
    This looks like a wonderful place to relax and lovely photos. . . I haven't been to Port Macquarie in years... in fact just recently I found my photos from Timbertown up that way.. well .. was there 20 yrs ago.. haha

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for popping by.. xx Julie

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies. Port is a beautiful place

  5. Hi there Lise,
    What a wonderful place for good food, a nice drink and a good old chat !! ..... and, so nice for the children to have something to do as well.
    Many thanks for commenting on my giveaway post. It's lovely to meet new people and so enjoyable to see your photographs.
    Have a lovely new week. XXXX

  6. Jackie, thanks for your lovely comments. Have a great week too xx