Monday, June 21, 2010

B Well

I completed my 2nd fun run on Sunday. A sparkling day for a 12km run. I am feeling strong...Invincible....

I am women hear me roar

The finish line is in sight

Me with 2 of my girls after the run. I love a child's view of the world...when I finished Beth asked me if I won, my reply was everyone's a winner in this race Beth (I do use this line a lot with my girls), she laughed and said but did you win? Well yes i did (beat my time from last year)..

The B Well blog has helped me kick along with my training. I was struggling with my consistency, but there is a lot of ideas and inspiration to help you 'pick up your game' if you need it!


  1. Lise, I just left you a comment on B-Well and look at you!! How fantastic is that, a 12 K run and it looks like the sun was shining! I am so impressed...I am going to do something extra this week to catch up!!
    Have a great one...


  2. Oh, Lise, this is HUGE! You should be so proud of yourself for finishing the race. I'm going to hop over to B Well to see if I can be inspired to leave the house. lol.


  3. Great stuff. Good on you Lise! Fab place to run by the looks too. That harbour...

  4. Felicitations Lise, it inspires me to do one too :)

  5. Oh good for you Lise!! you are definitely a winner in my eyes just for making it.. Boy I used to do cross country at school and now!! phew!!
    Jeanne's B Well is wonderful inspiration for everyone!!

    Have a great week .. and thanks for your support.. Gee I am feeling really lucky now and thinking I should put some more positive vibes out there!! xxx Julie

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments. It certainly feels good!!!