Saturday, June 26, 2010

Winter Sunsets at Harrington

'If you had your time over again
Would you do it all the same?
Down through all the twists and bends
Are there moments you'd erase?'

'And if your course could be reset
Would you steer your ship my way?
Or would you sail the widest stretch
Just to feel the force of the waves?
If you had your time over again
Would you sail the widest stretch?
If you had your time over again.........

Contemplation provided by Powderfinger, sail the widest stretch


  1. Hello Lise,
    I want to say "hi" to you from the other side of earth... :)The South of Germany.
    I like your photos very much and it`s for us here in Europe incredible that you`ve got winter in Australia (Europeans think in the first moment it is always summer in australia!)
    I was just reading the nice post of jeanne in b-well-report!
    Have a great week and it must be very nice where you live...Beate :)

  2. HI Lise
    Fabulous photos.. LOVE the 1st!!

    Now tell me is Harrington near.. Grafton??? well northern NSW???
    I went there with family friends as a teenager and loved it...

    OK.. Have a great week.. xxx Julie

  3. Absolutely beautiful Lise...the last is my favourite :)
    Best wishes for a wonderful week!

    Jeanne :)

  4. Really beautiful images & words, Lise. Have a lovely week ahead. love to you & your family...

  5. Thank you all for you comments;
    Beate - Welcome and hi from down under. We are spoiled in terms of weather and we certainly don't know what a harsh winter would be! But yes the temperture does dip this time of year. Lots of blues skies and fresh days, a week of rain sends us crazy!!
    Julie - Harrington is near Taree, so not as far north as Grafton (around 3.5hours from central coast). It is beautiful.
    Jeanne - a good week to you too and I am quite fond of that last one too!
    Marsha - This song is on the radio at the moment and the words are so beautiful and thought provoking. Have a great week too and love to yours as well xx

  6. Very beautiful images. Those pelicans look wonderful against the sea and that sky.