Monday, December 6, 2010


I was sitting in Bella's room watching her play, with camera ready. She asked me if I was taking photos of her, which I replied I was not....'Just taking photos of your toys Belle'. We chatted and laughed and I got this great shot of her

I was looking at the beautiful Carla Coulson's blog in particular her French Essence Portraits..this inspired me to take a few of my own and then add some older ones as well
We were getting ready to go to a wedding. My husband was looking out the window waiting for me as I was checking my camera when I got this shot.

A week or so ago I was confined to the walls of my house with sick children (yes, my turn came too!). At the end of that very long week I took Beth out to get a few shots. It was late afternoon and the sun was that flattering warm shade the makes your skin glow when I got this shot.

This shot is from the weekend just passed. My beautiful sister-in-law and my brand new nephew. I love how comfortable they look in each others arms. Such a precious moment of a new mother with her child.

We recently celebrated Shell's 40th Birthday. This is Shell with her husband, such wonderful friends and a stunning couple! It pays to have a camera in your hand all the time ;)

This is the flag race (they are really only plastic sticks) at Nippers. That is our Beth centre stage..

OK, this is from quite a while ago and really is not a portrait of anyone, rather of a very special place VENICE...
the buildings, the people, the ambiance ...sigh


  1. Oh Lise.. beautiful Venezia.. ,my favourite place I'm sure you know!!

    I just love all your portraits.. the one of your husband looking out the window has such a great feel... a moment in time.. anticipation!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas... best wishes to you and your family.... ciao xxx Julie

  2. Lise

    I just love all of these shots. So emotional, you have a great connection with your camera and have a great eye for beauty ;)

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year, may it be filled with lots of new discoveries!

    Jeanne xxx