Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Passion of The Christ

The passion perched upon a hilltop above Positano

It is hard to travel through Europe and not get blown away by the passion of religion. From Christ, the Madonna, John the Baptist, the Popes and beyond.....The Crucifix's, the churches, the sculpture and the paintings. The towns are adorned with them everywhere you look.

Although not a 'practising' Catholic, (or an overly religious person) all this religion has made me think about my faith. I really felt deeply connected to spirituality on this trip and it has made me think about it even more since my return home!

I have always loved crucifix's and to be truthful Madonna (the pop star and not the mother of Christ) was my earliest influence. I loved the multiple crucifix's hanging from her neck, and of course her music resonated with my sullen teenage years. I know it all sounds so shallow but such is the life of a 14 year old teenage girl!

Well fast forward 25 odd years and the crucifix still holds a fascination for me, but on a completely different level. For me it is an amazing story......It is faith, forgiveness, belief, sorrow & strength.

I have wanted to do a post on my collection of crucifix's and with Easter fast approaching thought this would be a good opportunity to display some of the passion.

The crucifix at the Colosseum had a very eerie feel to much blood had been shed here.

The churches in Europe were amazing to say the least. I was in awe of them and prayed at every opportunity.

With Vienna being our first stop, I just looked up with my mouth open and took so many photos. Welcome to the world little girl!!

Italy and religion go hand in hand, but I was not prepared for the grandeur and splendor of it all....Of course Vatican city takes the cake for religion, but man it is unbelievable the scale and beauty and age of some of these buildings. I have said it before and I will say it again, I loved being a Catholic in Italy..

The grand St Marco, Vinezia

Some Alpine crucifix's in Austria

Here are some home grown Churches and crucifix's. We don't quite do them like Europe, but they are still impressive to me.

In the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost......Amen.

Happy Easter to you all xx


  1. Darling, when in Venice did you see the small free-standing confessionals along the side streets? I have always been Catholic, but when I first saw them it took me a moment to realize what they were. Italy holds a magical fasination for me, and maybe what you're describing is the reason. This post is beautiful. xx's Marsha

  2. Hi Marsha. No I didn't see the confessionals, but I think there was alot I missed due to being overwhelmed with the whole experience. There is so much to take in, don't you think? Italy has my heart! I cannot wait to return and think I would 'see' so much more next time around. Lise xx