Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Vienesse Waltz in Vienna

Vienna Street Scapes

The Danube River

Chapter 1
Austria - Vienna

My first European trip was in October 2008. We land in the beautiful country of Austria, with Vienna being our first port of call. It took my breath away!

My Father-in-law had insisted that we 'take an extra week' and go to Austria. We were originally just going to Italy. Austria was not a country that came to mind as a must to see, but after seeing it, she truly is a must. This is the first chapter in the storybook land of Austria.

The Danube River was our first stop (ah... didn't quite read the map right). We thought we were heading to old, historic Vienna....No we were actually heading to the UNO city in Vienna. Glad we did the 5km or so by-pass to the Danube though. It's all an adventure!

The street scapes are amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off the skyline. Every building is decorated and topped with amazing sculptures. The detail, the history and the age of these buildings is hard to comprehend.

Schonbrunn Palace is an imposing, grandoise structure. The story of strong, influential women in this palace is amazing to hear for the 1700's. Maria Theresa with her 16 children became known as Europe's mother-in-law. The marriages of her children were carefully orchestrated to ensure her power base grew. She only allowed one of her children to marry for love.

A Vienesse Waltz is a good discription as we went around and around and around this city time and time again. I had the best coffee I have ever had at Schonbrunn Palace, the bratwurst hotdogs are to die for and the apple strudel are plentiful. Thank heaven for the walking.

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