Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wherefore art thou Verona?

Chapter 4 - Verona, Italia

View of the main entrance to Verona from the Arena.

"There is no wall without Verona walls

but purgatory, torture, hell itself

Hence banished is banish'd from the world

and worlds exile is death" - Shakespeare

A Juliet moment in the Arena

We enter the history steeped country of Italy, I can hardly contain my excitement. A country I have longed to see, Verona does not disappoint. Home to Romeo and Juliet, how can you not fall in love with this city.

I could not wait to hit the streets of Verona when we arrived. As you enter the gates of Verona you are literally taken to another world. The beautiful pink marble of the Arena takes centre stage as you pass a number of trattoria's to explore the cobble stoned streets and beyond.

The churches, the bridges, the architecture it is all so breathtaking. I loved the terracotta skyline of Verona, beauty even in rooftops!

Another recommendation from my father-in-law was the grand Giusti gardens. As you enter through the high stone walls it is like walking into the secret garden. In the heart of a busy town lies this lush oasis. We only shared this with a few other couples and I am sure this must be one of Verona's best kept secrets!

The Veronise are a smart crowd. I loved sitting at one of the small trattoria's sipping a glass of Prosecco and watching the passing parade. It would seem that everyone here is beautifully groomed (you can spot the tourists and the locals for this reason). bicycles are still a main choice of transport here, and the city really lends itself to it. I do become slightly panicked at Adam's suggestion of hiring some bikes to tour the city. This is Italy and I have not yet worked out the pedestrian vs bikes vs vespas vs cars! I think foot is the safest choice for us (OK me) for now!
Italia my heart is forever at your service...

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