Monday, November 16, 2009

My Island Home - Part 1

Here are some of the beautiful waterways where I live. We have not long moved here so we are still discovering this area. Each time we go somewhere new we have an 'Ohhhh that's beautiful moment', we nod our heads and agree this is the reason we moved here (forget the commute for now!).

Flying pig-tails

My girls on the jetty

When I saw the below image the mast's looked like floating crucifix's.

We have these beautiful calm harbour waterways and then the most divine beaches (I will get to the beaches in another post). I have lived on the beaches for a long time, but that was the northern beaches in Sydney. Funny how you can live so close to these area's and never see them. I didn't know how beautiful the central coast was! All part of my journey, getting out there seeing and appreciating what is on my doorstep.

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  1. the central coast looks even better through these great photos !