Friday, November 6, 2009

The Race That Stops a Nation

The first Tuesday in November will see Australia frocked up in beautiful heels, hats, dresses and suits. You will see it at the races, in the city, at your office and at every pub. The TAB will be overflowing with everyone wanting to have a flutter, the talk of the impending favourites and who likes what....everyone has an opinion and it is everywhere. It is the Melbourne Cup....the race that stops a Nation.
Fashions in the field.
This year I was at Copacabana surf club enjoying a sweltering (36 degree) afternoon of fashion, friends, food, bubbly and horses. A fundraising event for a charity called Wonderful people doing wonderful things for the next generation both here in Australia and overseas. The proceeds of this function were aimed at children here in Australia. When you hear the statistics about children who can't read, who are not part of a community where they feel safe and valued, where children have never had the pleasure of having a book read to them...There are some fundamental things that children should have in this world. They should have hope, dreams, faith, love and support. Can you imagine not being able to dream, to not have faith in those around you who should be caring for you or to have no hope, no hope of a bright happy future? Can you imagine not being loved and supported throughout your life? it is very sad indeed and it is happening in our own back yard.

As I found at the last fundraising event I went to, this charity was bowled over by the community spirit that the central coast showed. They did not have to pay for the venue, food, drinks. The donations were incredibly generous and the lovely ladies who were bidding in the auctions were (husband defying) cashed up and happy to part with their $$ all in the name of charity (OK!! there were quite a few dresses in that auction, but all for a good cause).

A great day by an incredibly generous spirited group of ladies. Certainly made me hug my girls a little tighter and read them another story when I got home..
Nearly forgot! The winner of the 2009 Melbourne Cup was SHOCKING...


  1. another great post for a good cause Lisa. beautiful photos :)

  2. I have just nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award head over to get your logo. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Lisa!

    Wow, what a great write up you did on your blog for Save the Children. Thankyou so much, it was great to get this feedback from Christel. We don't have your email, any chance of forwarding it to me so i can email followup of event & other info.

    Nicole (Save the Children support group event co-ordinator)

  4. Hi Nicole, thanks. I did put my details down at the event and have just received some information today on future events. In any case it is

    It was a great event, enjoyed by many and even better when it is for a good cause.Congratulations on such a success, you really did a great job!