Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Fun

Beautiful Pittwater

This post is a pictorial reflection of the last 3 weeks or so that I have enjoyed at home.
She is a surfer girl - catching waves at Avoca
A couple of beach bums at Palmy
Palm Beach Wharf
The boys hitting North Avoca for a surf
I took time off work and just made myself available to my kids. We went to the beach, caught a few movies, took a ferry to Palm Beach, did craft at home and didn't rush for anything.
2009 marked the last year of primary school for my beautiful Annaliese - here she is at the year 6 farewell
Scooters from Santa!!

Wagstaffe Wharf on a perfect day

Girls being girls?? One birthday party to go
As I write this post I am preparing for the rush of life to return next week. When the daily/weekly juggle (or is that struggle) of work, kids, husband, school, pre-school, dancing, gym, cooking and cleaning return.

She can jump!!
Need I say?

A friends wedding was held on the foreshore at North Sydney - a perfect day and a perfect setting. Don't you love an icon?
The sun sets on beautiful Sydney Harbour
My gorgeous girls - our life is filled with tiara's, sequins, glitter and masses of pink. Even Ad's bottle opener is pink!

Life is about to bear it's full weight on our shoulders. We are preparing for a busy, busy year. So I am taking a deep breath and about to jump on the treadmill....wish me luck!!


  1. Bonne chance Lisa. Great photos and new design. xc

  2. New look for the new year... you can work with an end in mind, but you canonly do it one step at a time Lisa. Funny thing I've noticed over the years, the people that worry about being able to be good parents/good husbands & wives... usually already are. I'm sure your year will be a great year ;-)
    PS: not many things make me homesick... but your pics did !

  3. Thanks Christel & Michael. It will be a good year, just one last year of the rush! This year is the step at the moment. Nice to hear my pictures evoke emotions for others. Your beautiful Santorini would be hard to compare to any where in the world x