Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Are Strong

The beginning of the year always marks the list of improvements that you are going to make with yourself, doesn't it? My friend sent me a message saying that as part of her 'every year' resolution she was off to the gym. That made me laugh and I thought yes..so true. Resolutions seem to be the same each year.

My statement shoes
Well of course part of my list involves fitness, with the Christmas cheer of 2009 now placed firmly on my hips. But here is how I would describe it..
I really want to run a half marathon and at this stage have decided that it is a little ambitious for this year. I am going to have to leave that for 2011. I had been thinking about it last year and was discussing this with my sister-in-law, the concept and desire of completing a half marathon.
My first fun run - Bay to Bay 12km's
I believe that women are strong beyond our own belief. I believe we have an inner strength that carries not only us, but our families through this life. We keep order (beds made, everyone has undies), we restore peace (don't you love sibling rivalry), and we council and advise (from school yard drama's, corporate ladders to fashion stylists and everything in between).

We are invincible - My gorgeous sister-in-law, Nikki, and her equally gorgeous husband Marc
Now speaking from my own experience we may not be the best treasurers (but that dress is on sale, is my size and is the only one left! It is a sign that I HAVE to buy it! I hate ignoring those kind of signs). But mostly we are pretty strong individuals. Think of what you have endured in your life, think of what you have achieved, think about how strong you have had to be in really tough times and most importantly believe in yourself (yeah that ones a work in progress, I know).

I have found that distance running is more about mental fitness than physical fitness. You do have to have a level of physical fitness, but I tell you, if you do not believe that you can go the distance you just won't. It is a great challenge and is also great fitness for your mind. It helps you work on your self belief....of course you can do it and you are going to!

We are women
That is what I am working on this year, my mental fitness. That will include distance running (I will stick to the 12km runs for this year), meditation, reading and writing, enjoying the here and now, laughing & smelling the roses, growing my own vegetables and of course photography.
OK on the shallower end I wouldn't mind shedding a few kilos and toning up, otherwise how will I be able to wear that goddamn dress I bought on sale that doesn't quite fit right at the moment!!
My beloved camera
What does your list look like?


  1. good for you... hope your words and deeds inspire many more to do the same Lisa. Like your shooter style ;-)

  2. 1) -getting fit
    would make the rest of my list much easier! xc