Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Add Water..

Avoca Beach at twilight
This post is my water therapy. A few pics of some of my favourite waterways. I love to be around water, It gets into your soul and leaves you feeling better than ever.

Fishing off the rocks at Avoca
Something fishy is happening around Avoca!
Now this is a beach party! Chairs, tables and candles set up on Avoca beach at the end of Australia Day
I reckon I could live on this boat! The beautiful Pittwater host's Sydney's rich and famous as well as a few of us mere mortals..

A wow moment in my life. When I saw Wagstaffe wharf it absolutely took my breath away. I took a heap of photos and had to send one to my husband via my mobile phone.

Ice blocks dribbling down arms screams of summer

Manning River - who said a cloudless blue sky is a photographers nightmare? I love them.

Camels on the beach at Port Macquarie

A hazy day in Queensland - the skyline in the distance is surfers paradise

My Italian obsession - Italy we have some unfinished business, I will be back xx

One of the worlds most famous waterways - Venezia

Castle Sant'Angelo - Roma - through the trees
The breathtaking Sirmione, Lago Di Garda

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Positano...........always in my dreams, forever in my heart x
From Italy to Sydney - Our Icon catches my attention. All shots were from North Sydney. Another favourite place of mine.

North Sydney had been part of my life for about 15 years. It was my place of work from the ages of 18 - 33 and was the constant in my life.

'We shared some history this town and I' - Cold Chisel, Flame Trees
My god that is so appropriate when I think of North Sydney.

I believe Nth Syd is Sydney CBD's older, wiser sister. She has just the right amount of shops and cafes, she is smart and stylish, she has retained so much of her yesteryear glory and she has been a wonderful friend of mine xx

The Bridge and Luna Park all lit up

The board walk along Luna Park
There just is no bad perspective of the bridge!

My in-laws live on the mid-North coast in a sleepy little town called Harrington.

There are no traffic lights, but lot's of dolphins, mobile reception is dodgy and the local pub is the best place to end the day. You are forced to slow down and unwind. We try to go there often.

Crowdy Bay

Dolphins at Crowdy - I still get so excited when I see Dolphins! We were just driving past when I spotted them - DOLPHINS, DOLPHINS!! Stop the car...No sooner was the car stopped then I jumped out yelling for the kids to follow. They are so majestic I could watch them for hours
The end of our weekend at Harrington

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