Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We all Need Somebody to Lean on...

Fisherman sharing a moment at Avoca Beach rocks

It's nice to have people in this world that are there for you, who can lend a hand, an ear or a shoulder. We have so much to learn from the people in our lives, and so much to share. From children, family, friends to people who are just passing through.

Our families come together on Christmas day
Our Family are often our starting point in life's learning's and should continue throughout our lives. We have a great bunch to learn from here...

My muse (when I get the chance!)....this shot may look a bit staged, but Ad had no idea I was taking this shot.
My great love....I have learnt so much from him and continue to do so. He is my soft place to fall, my supporter and advocate. Your life partner should be all of this.
Kindy Christmas concert 2009
There have been quite a few days where I have been tearing into pre-school, tears in my eyes and rushed for life! You know those mornings where nothing goes right and your children are pressing all your buttons, pushing the boundaries and you are late for work. The beautiful teachers at my girls pre-school have taught me a lot. They are never judgemental and always willing to offer words of support, encouragement and quite often words of wisdom! From Miss Jesse to Miss Anthea, Fiona, Rhonda and Miss Robyn. Wonderful Women doing wonderful things with our precious children.

You can, can, can....Miss Jane believes in all her students
A very special lady who entered my life when my eldest daughter started dancing. Miss Jane has an enormously generous spirit and is such a great mentor for all that go to her dance school. We have shared many conversations that I still call on today. Alas we moved away from the area, but Miss Jane is one of those people that will stay with you forever..

Kindness and comfort from those we don't' know

Even people we don't know...This kind older man was sitting next to my friend Christel on the Ferry after a day at palm beach. One of her twins, Sean, had obviously had a big day and this wonderful man offered a comfortable arm to sleep on. I think both he and his wife were as taken with Sean as we were with them.

And then of course there is blog land. People I have not met and who live on the other side of my world. Their words ring true, their thoughts considered and inspiring. My favourites are Michael from Santorini http://oiasantorini.com/ and Simone from London http://thebottomoftheironingbasket.blogspot.com/.

Open up your world and listen, look at a different perspective and learn..We can learn so much from each other we just have to be open to it..

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